Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashionably Late.

I have a permanent seat on the Venga Bus.  This is why I'm in charge of coordinating the annual Holiday Party at work.  I love brainstorming new ways to make a bunch of baby docs go wild! Each year I try to up my game: jello shots, food trucks, holly jolly dress codes.  The 2013 Evite requested that partygoers don their favorite holiday tacky-chic apparel…so my boss and I were fully prepared to be the only two in festive flair.

A mesmerizing ensemble was a must.  The thrift stores were naughty; I had no luck there.  But a stroll down the Xmas aisle at Target got the creative juices hot.  With the perfect flop dress in mind, I stuffed the buggy with disco garland.  I was going to make a tinsel dress for my work shindig.  

I test-drove different working positions as the glue gun heated-up.

LBD into OMG.

It made more sense to hang the dress so I could turn it 360, instead of lying it flat and flipping over (and over and over).  I didn't want to smoosh the snazz!  After a lightbulb moment, I found a tall lamp to sit-and-spin my flop dress.

 Glue Glue Turn.

At halfway point, the lamp stand was running out of room, so I hoisted a roll of wrapping paper between a chair and pillow form to drape my canvas.  Craft MacGyver'n!

Hang Tin-sel.

My LDB was stretchy, thus I didn't give much thought to garland tension.  I had glued to the waistline when I realized the dress skirt had no give.  (More on what my thighs thought of this later.)  Moving upward, I made sure to think about drape and tried some Project Runway-esque spice.  

Christmas Corture.

I wrapped tinsel across the chest, over the shoulders and around the back.  I glued every few inches, making sure to leave proper stretch for breathing (and the girls)!  For added spiff, I swooped big loops that hung-free on the backside.  When the Holiday Party started, my loops were just a beautiful accent.  By party's end, I was flipping the loops over my head and catching favorite work friends inside my tinsel jumprope.    

Party in the Front, Party in the Back.

With the right pair of tights my look was complete!  High fashion isn't always perfect, though.  My dress had two party fouls.  First, it took four hands to put on and remove. With J's help, we tag teamed my thighs and the no-give skirt portion for the pullover.  Second, I left a trail of garland sparkle wherever I went.  After two months, my boss is still sweeping-up parts of my dress all over his house.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This post is the equivalent to your weird neighbors who still have their Holiday decorations up. 2012 is so last year, but I just can't quit it ...!  Not until I share the Twelve Days of Jellie Christmas.

12: Westy 12.

11: Socks from Santa!

10: Slices of Xmas Bread.

09: Scratch-Off Winnings: $9.

08: Annual Holiday Dinner: 8-Course Tasting Menu at Pass & Provisions (With J, not Toots).

07: Power outages on Christmas Day. 

06: Snowflakes for Newtown, CT.

 05: Four-Legged Family!

04: 2012 Christmas Card.

03: Third Annual GSB White Elephant Ornament Exchange!

02: Crazy Xmas Headbands.

01: Texans Garage Wall @ Mom & Dad's.

If you made Santa's Nice List, I applaud you.  If you made the Naughty - call me and let's hang out!

Kick ass in 2013, friends!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ho Ho Homemade.

It was near 85 degrees and humid today in Houston.  As I was getting ready for work this morning, I desperately wanted to throw on tights but decided an extra layer of deodorant would do me far better.  The weather outside is frightful, but the crafty spirit inside is so delightful!  The third week of Dare to DIY is here and it's all things handmade.

Mission for Week 3: Dare to ... Give Handmade Gifts.

My Mom is a rockstar Cross-Stitcher.  So when I showed her a simplistic, cross-stitch ornament I wanted to purchase from Etsy - she said absolutely not, no way, don't even think about it GURL. Mama doesn't X it up as much these days, but she knew I was ready to handle the ways of needle and thread.  Together we giddily rummaged through her treasure trove of sewing supplies, where I found a superfun pattern book with holiday designs.  Mom gave me a quick crash course and the bitchin' stitchin' was underway!

Making X-Stitch Sexy.

Count the boxes.  In & Out.  In & Out.  I loved seeing the design take shape!  When the stitching portion was complete, I flipped the ornament over and tended to the back side by securing the edge with tape. 

I'm SEW getting a Treat for this.

The hardest part of this project for me was adding letters to the lamp post sign.  I started, un-stitched, re-stitched and repeated my mess-up multiple times!  (I plan to schedule a consultation with Mom to review freehand lettering.)  In the end, my handmade holiday ornament came out A - O K.  (I might could stitch that fine!)

Ornament Hoop-La.

Sending this gift to a sweet friend that recently moved to another city. (Surprise, SC!)  I plan to make a few more before the festive season is finished - just hope the recipients have easy last names!  Every Christmas when friends or family hang my ornament on their tree, I hope they remember that a crazy ginger in Houston loves them very much!

DIY Christmas - Can you dig it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pass the Love.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of gobbles and giggles!  And naps.  And wine lips!  My Dare to DIY project this week was inspired by stories shared over the holiday of past loved ones.

Mission for week 2: Dare to... Entertain.

The Matriarch force was strong on both the Paternal and Maternal side of J's family.  J's Dad was raised by his Grandmother, J's Great-Grandmother.  G-G was resourceful, baked wickedly yummy pies and loved to crochet.  On his Mom's side, 'Honey' was J's Grandmother.  J spent many summers with her learning polite manners and how to polish silver.  Honey was like the classiest woman in town, the hostess with the mostess, always dressed to the nines.  My table setting is neither Thanksgiving or Christmas, but a mix of Matriarchs.

With Great-Grandmother in mind, I located my stash of doilies and arranged them in table runner fashion.  Ends that touched were tied together with sewing thread.

Hello, Doilie!

With Honey in mind, I laid out four place settings of our wedding china and wine goblets from Prague.  It's the most beautiful and exquisite dishware we own.  

Vintage Gaud.

Faux dining with J and I on this particular evening was Houston Texans running back, Arian Foster, & Rock 'n Roll icon/poet/wild thing, Jim Morrison.  For a special spin, I created napkin holders that doubled as place cards.  

People are Strange Hungry!

I imagine a dinner party with Arian and Jim would be quite stimulating and brew interesting discussion.  (My seat is next to Jim, of course!)  Our feast is served family style in vintage pyrex: A spicy Vegan dish for Mr. Foster & an earthy casserole with a "magic" ingredient for Mr. Morrison.

Superbowl-s & Plates.

To Entertain is to Love.  And no matter how spiffy'd-up or dressed-down your table may be, the chairs around it are always the best seats in the house.  I never met G-G or Honey, but they are discussed with much love at suppertime often.

Forget social media!  Do some social entertaining & eating at your tabletop!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).

Happy Dare to DIY!  Strap yourselves in because this funky craftship is airborne!

Mission for Week 1: Dare to be ... Thankful.

J and I are hitting the road for T-Giving this year, so my desire to harvest the halls was none.  To remain in good jive standing though, I created a Harvest Chic accessory to wear on Turkey Day. I'm calling it a Groovy Gobble Headband!

All supplies were in-house: a thick headband that hadn't seen much love lately, a Fall-ish Fat Quarter and treasures from my miscellaneous craft bin. I got things started by cutting two peanut shapes from brown felt.  Then I sewed them together, which completed my turkey bod.  All it needed now was dressing!  Waiting for the glue gun to heat-up, I opened a Shiner Cheer & put on a vinyl record.

Not Mr. Hanky.

I like to keep craft scraps for projects just like this!  One strip of wedding program ribbon, leftover pipe cleaners, a random wreath tie and googley eyes - Glue Glue Glue.  My bird was taking shape! 

The Jim Croce album put Tootie to sleep.

Next-up was covering the headband.  Love the retro-mod Fat Quarter tucked away in my stash. Getting it glued to the headband was probably the trickiest part of this whole adventure.

Battle of the Band.

The finished product was smooth and purty on top, but the fabric on the inside looked a little crazy.  (That's okay since my brain only sees that part.)  Also, Tootie is not in the running for next top headband model.

Silly Pug Turkey Rabbit Goose.

I plan to rock my Groovy Gobble Headband on Thanksgiving as we celebrate all the joy in our life.  The extra grub and vino that goes in my belly, the looser the clothes I change into... but the headband can stay on all day!

We Want YOU to DIY.

Much tryptophan love from our family to yours!  Enjoy the holiday downshift with your loved ones. Count your blessings, give thanks and party like it's 1621!